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Resolving error message ?This database cannot be read due to an invalid on disk structure.? Computers Articles | November 11 Alex Iafallo Jersey , 2010
While working with the Lotus Notes application, you may receive error messages. Usually, the reason for the occurrence of different errors is the corruption of database. Along with, database corruptio...

While working with the Lotus Notes application, you may receive error messages. Usually, the reason for the occurrence of different errors is the corruption of database. Along with, database corruption the internal settings are also one of the main reasons that results in different errors. In such situation Ilya Kovalchuk Jersey , you need to apply different utilities, such as Fixup, Compact, update and NT Check Disk utilities. But after using these utilities, some another exceptions may also appear and it's not sure that you will get proper results. However, for better results a Lotus Notes Recovery software is also one of the most prominent options that Recovers Lotus Notes database.

To illustrate above problem consider the following example. When you try to send mail from the Lotus Notes application an error message appears on the screen. On every attempt to send mail from Lotus Notes mail application you will receive below error:

?Server Error: This database cannot be read due to an invalid on disk structure?.

Mail that you try to send is shown to be successfully sent by your mail account, but still an error message will be prompt.


When Sent folder is corrupt Adrian Kempe Jersey , and bad spot on drives results in the error: ?This database cannot be read due to an invalid on disk structure.?


This sometimes happens if you are using Notes with a database that has an R5 on disk structure. Right click on the background of the workspace, and choose ?Workspace Properties?. Following steps will describe how you can resolve this error message:

(1) Click on the white i on the blue background.

(2) Increase the value in the box by 5.

(3) Click on ?Compact?.

(4) Try opening the database, if it still gives an error then do the following:

(4.1) Make a doclink of the problem database, by selecting it then ?Edit->Copy as link->Database Link? and paste it into a new OutlookNotes memo.

(4.2) Remove the problem database from the workspace, by right clicking on the icon and selecting ?Remove from workspace?.

(4.3) Re-add the database by clicking on the doclink.

(4.4) Delete the OutlookNotes memo.

However if you dont want to create a new database, you have an another option of using a suitable Lotus Notes Recovery Tool.

Number of tools are available in the market that are specially meant to Repair Lotus Notes database. After performing Lotus Notes Recovery with a suitable software you can access mail-objects, such as messages Oscar Fantenberg Jersey , contacts, appointments, attachments, tasks, and journals etc.

Stellar Phoenix Lotus Notes Recovery v2.0 tool is a powerful tool that repairs & Recovers Lotus Notes NSF file & restores them in original format to any user-intended location. The software recovers journals, tasks, To-do Jake Muzzin Jersey , calendar-entries, contacts, attachments, and appointments etc. It supports IBM Lotus Notes 6.x and 7.x and is compatibile with Windows 7, Vista, XP, 2000 Dion Phaneuf Jersey , 2003, NT4(SP6). Additionally, a live update feature is also present to install recent software updates.

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