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Dogs live and survive in packs. They establish a social hierarchy where the pack leader is known as the alpha. The existence of such a hierarchy enforces social stability within the pack. Dogs are social creatures that are loyal and playful. The instinctive need to accept domination and their loyalty make dogs trainable by humans.

In your home Cheap T.Y. Hilton Jersey , your family is your dog's pack. Your actions will determine whether he is at the top or bottom level in your household. You must establish yourself as the leader and your dog, the follower. Otherwise, he naturally takes over the leadership. Instead of a fun and loving dog, he can be a menace. He growls or bites at someone who makes him do something against his will. He respects certain family members but dominates others. He is aggressive and guards his food. Most dog owners are not aware that they are contributing to their dog's dominance as they do not understand dog's behaviours.

These are steps that you can take to establish yourself as the alpha.

1. In a dog pack Cheap Andrew Luck Jersey , sub-ordinate pack members respect the alpha dog for being firm but fair, and making good decisions for the pack. The alpha dog does not maintain its position by fear and violence. Likewise, you reinforce your dominance over your dog using non-aggressive means. When giving commands to him, stand tall and speak firmly to display authority and confidence. He can sense your leadership manner and looks up to you as the alpha.

2. Your dog must learn the most important command SIT and this should be used as part of everyday training. Tell him to sit and wait before you play with him Jacoby Brissett Jersey , feed him or take him for a walk. If he wants anything or you are giving him something, tell him to sit and wait first. If he obeys, praise and reward him accordingly. If he disobeys, ignore him and give him nothing. Try the SIT command again later. Never reward him until he obeys your command. You want to show him that you are in charge.

3. As the leader of a pack always eats first Cheap Khari Willis Jersey , you must eat before him. Do not feed him from your plate during a meal. Stick to his regular feeding times.

4. Do not walk around your dog. If you do, you are behaving submissively and he thinks he is the alpha. If he is lying in the middle of your doorway, make him move by nudging with your foot but never step over him.

5. Do not make your dog equal to you by letting him sleep in your bed or on your couch. He must be your sub-ordinate and never equal. He therefore sleeps in his own bed, on the floor.

6. Do not let your dog go through the doorway first. If he has the habit of charging past you Cheap Bobby Okereke Jersey , put him on a leash. Before opening a door, tell him to sit and wait. You walk through first and then tell him to COME after you.

7. Do not play tug-of-war, wrestle or rough-house with your dog. These are fun but rough and powerful games. If he wins or overpowers you, he has proven to be stronger than you. You must avoid giving him any opportunity to ?win? as this reinforces dominance over you.

8. You initiate and end affection. Although it is good to show love and affection to your dog Cheap Parris Campbell Jersey , you don't want to give in to his whims. Limit yourself from petting your dog. You only pet your dog when you want, not when he demands for it. Beware of dogs that are always asking for something such as more petting, more playing, more cuddling and so forth. Ignore their requests.

You must train your dog with consistency. He will come to accept you as the leader when you show him his place within your family's pecking order and what's expected from him. A well-trained dog is a respectful and delightful companion to you and your family.

Nicole Knight

A Maltese Dog Lover

Flexible Packaging Market Will Witness Enhanced Demand In Cosmetic Sector Till 2022 Business Articles | July 29 Cheap Ben Banogu Jersey , 2016

New Market Research Reports Title “Flexible Packaging Market Analysis Size and Segment Forecasts to 2022” Has Been Added to Grand View Research Report Database

Global?flexible packaging market?was estimated at 19,800 kilo tons in 2014. Increasing population in developing countries namely India and China are expected to result in the rise in demand for food, thus leading to the growth of the market. Advantages of the product including variety in container packaging, less raw material Cheap Rock Ya-Sin Jersey , light weight and ease of disposal are anticipated to propel further growth.

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