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Back in the days when kids made a lot of their toys Austin Hooper Hoodie , some devious little mind came up with a way to fire rubber bands off more than their own thumbs. Thus was born the rubber band gun. Today, they're enjoying such a resurgence of popularity, that you can even buy guns carved from wood, that replicate actual weapons such as repeating rifles, pistols and more.

But for a simply weapon to give your friends a snapping good time Deion Jones Hoodie , try this. Gather up a piece of wood, such as a short section of 1x2" lumber, a wooden clothespin, some Crazy Glue, a nail and a hammer.

You're going to want to glue the clothespin at the rear of the 1" side Keanu Neal Hoodie , which should be on top. But first, take a nail no more than 2" long, and 18" thick, and cut the flat head off, and file it down. Mark on the piece of wood Takkarist McKinley Hoodie , where the end of the clothespin will be, and drive the nail into the wood, sharp end down, about 13" from where the mark is. Leave about 34" of the nail sticking up.

Now drill a hole through the end of the clothespin, with a bit that is slightly larger than the width of the nail. Make sure you drill through both sides of the pin. Apply glue to one narrow side of the clothespin Alex Mack Hoodie , from the open end, down to the drilled hole. Don't get glue in the hole. Now place the clothespin on the piece of 1x2", making sure it's got the nail fitted through the hole. You might want to try the fit, before applying the glue.

Cut a notch in the end of your wood, just below the top Vic Beasley Jr Hoodie , so you can hook one end of the rubber band there. Now pull it back, and hook the other end over the protruding nail. To fire, just open the clothespin. There should be enough motion to allow the upper part of the pin, to push the rubber band off.

For more zing to your gun, cut a second shorter piece of wood and glue it underneath at a 90-degree angle Matt Ryan Hoodie , to approximate the shape of a pistol. Insert your nail and glue your clothespin to the back of the "grip". This will make for a longer stretch to the band, and more snap when you fire.

It Takes Two - How to Cultivate Profitable, Strategic Alliances To Increase Your Market Share Marketing Articles | May 1, 2005

"Cross promoting with other businesses can give you a significant advantage over the competition, with many benefits and cost savings." - Heidi Richards

More and more competition in the marketplace is making it necessary for companies to find creative ways to connect with customers and prospects Devonta Freeman Hoodie , to enhance brand identity and attract top-notch employees. In order to enhance competitiveness in today?s marketplace, more and more companies are forming strategic alliances. Strategic alliances can maximize your position in the marketplace. When you learn how to leverage partnerships you increase your market share. It is also a very smart way to grow a small business. Cross promoting with other businesses can give you a significant advantage over the competition with many benefits and cost savings.

A strategic alliance is based on an arrangement between two companies to combine resource that will help both gain a greater share of the market. They are often formed when one business alone is unable to fill the gap in serving the needs of the marketplace. Forming strategic alliances can save time and boost productivity. It enables companies to be more efficient and concentrate on the core strengths in developing their products and services. These alliances can be formal (partnership agreement is put in writing) or informal (a handshake is all that is necessary to ?seal the deal?).

There are several ways you can collaborate with another business or individual to increase revenue, traffic, and even expertise to your business which ultimately will increase the value to the end-user (customer). Note: you can read more details about strategic alliances in the new book Self-Marketing Manual (release date, October 15th). Send an email to Heidi@self-marketingnews with Manual in the subject line and you will receive a pre-publication order form.

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